Words of Wisdom

Hola friends,

I have so many things to scrap and so little time to do it.  🙂  I will never run out of things to put in an album.

Today is a page that was made from napkins from Tim’s graduation party.  When I was in KS on vacation I found these napkins and knew that I needed them.  Let me go ahead and post the picture of the layout so you will see the napkins.

Advice for the graduate – hope he follows these words of wisdom.

There are six napkins on the page but I didn’t have room to lay them out individually so I had to layer them.  I made two rows.  I knew that I wanted the top one on the left to show completely because it said who it was from on the top.  So….I was going to start layering them and when I went to put adhesive on the bottom one it started tearing immediately because the paper was so thin.  It was real important to me that they weren’t hurt so I decided to laminate all of the napkins individually and then adhere them to the page.  It worked perfectly.

After figuring out how to fix that problem and adhering all of the napkins.  I applied a special sticker that I had found and then a couple of little stickers.  Perfect page.

That is it for today.  Hope to see you here again tomorrow!

God bless!


One thought on “Words of Wisdom

  1. So cute. Happy you found the napkins. Fun to read later on down the road. You sure are doing a great job on Tim’s graduation. Sort of bitter sweet. Sweet and nice to know he graduated and sad to know they are growing up and soon to be going out of their own. Be happy, you two did a good job on raising a sweet kid.

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