Project Life Week 49 (part II)

Hi friends and family and fellow scrappers,

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and a fabulous time celebrating Father’s Day!

I am finishing up week 49 today and then I am going to do a bit of traditional scrapbooking. To be honest traditional scrapping is my favorite because I love the creativity but I do love Project Life albums.

Part II and final part of week 49.

The first slot has a cross stitching picture that my mother in law made for me.  It is perfect and it goes perfectly in my bedroom.  She is awesome!

The first small slot has my odometer reading.  I love catching it when it flips to a new big number.

The second small slot is a journaling card that I made from some journaling paper.  I wrote about what is happening in the pics.

All of the other slots is about going to Charleston to see the Holiday Festival of Lights with my cousins.  In the bottom slots I used a brochure to tell about our experience.  I also used a border sticker in the last slot to decorate the sides of the brochure.

That is it for the day.

God bless you and your loved ones!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 49 (part II)

  1. That is a pretty cross stitch of the bicycle/ I like going to view the Christmas light to see what creative things they make, Looking forward to seeing your layout .

  2. Lots going on. I never notice my car’s mileage. Now, maybe I will. It would be fun to see the different number combinations. Bright lights of Christmas. Always nice to see. Now, tomorrow is the fourth of July, so different kinds of lights. Hope I get to see some. There’s a big park we may go to. Have to go early to get a place. Maybe get a McDonalds , two chairs, have a small picnic and wait for the fun. A time to reflect what a privilege it is to live in this country. Hoping we can keep it that way. God Bless America.

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