Project Life Week 48 (part II)

Hello friends,

Finishing up week 48 today.  Four weeks left.  I have all the pictures printed but the last week.  I need to get that going!

The first and second slots has the December sticker to welcome in the month.  I also put cute deer and snowflake stickers on the cards.  On the second card I used the extra space to write about all the pictures.

The first picture was of Abigail waiting for Mr. and Mrs. Clause.  Every year in our community Mr and Mrs. Clause visit on a fire truck.  We wait with the front door open (weather permitting) so that we can’t miss hearing the truck.  It is dark so the pictures aren’t very good. The bottom right picture are of the night’s star – Mr. and Mrs. Clause.

The two big horizontal slots have Christmas lights.  The top of the first slot is when we were driving down a street.  I thought it was really pretty.  The bottom of the first slot and then the second slot are of a color changing ornament that we bought this year.  In the first slot I put a boarder sticker across the pictures where one picture met the other picture.

That is it for week 48.  More tomorrow!

God bless!


One thought on “Project Life Week 48 (part II)

  1. The most happiest day of the year. Christmas. Or at least one of them. It’s so exciting for the kids to see all the pretty decorations and also Santa and Mrs Claus. I love all the lights at Christmas. Fun to drive around and see them all. The Joy Joy Joy looks almost real.

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