Project Life Week 48 (Part I)

Hi friends,

Back on track with scrapbooking and blogging.  My son graduated from high school and we had a lot of company visit.  A good and busy time was had.

Tim graduates!

Now to get to business!

First part of PL week 48.

This page is almost all of Matthew.  First Matthew at the park, then Matthew at the library at play time, then Matthew at the restaurant by the theater, and Matthew checking out a business’s Christmas tree.  Yes, that is a stuffed cheeseburger.  He knew it was there so I assume his parents have taken him to this place before.

Above the Christmas tree pic is a picture of the ornament that I got Tim for Christmas this year.  It is called “Wiener Wonderland”.

I put the PL week information in the top right slot.  I used a handmade Christmas card that was given to me to make the the card out of.  I put a chipboard snowflake sticker on the card in two places.  On one I wrote what week it was.

I will finish up week 48 tomorrow.

God bless you and your loved ones!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 48 (Part I)

  1. Congrads to Tim, Now he gets to go tackle adulthood! Matthew looks cute holding that big hamburger,its as big as him, The ornament is cute. Another busy week.

  2. Tim is looking glad and happy to be finally getting out of school. Now to plan for the future. Wishing much happiness his way. That Matthew is quite the “get about town” guy. He lead an exciting life for someone so young. Thanks to Grandma. I have about one exciting moment once a month if I’m lucky. Mostly finding some wonderful thing I cannot do without at a local garage sale. That Diego is one spoiled doggie. Has his very own ornament. Very cute.

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