Industrial Scrapbooking Using Metal Tape and Embossing Tools

Hi friends,

This is an exciting post for me.  This is how I made the beginning layouts for my son’s senior year scrapbook.  I had seen a video that was similar in some ways and had been thinking of making these layouts for several months.  I was waiting to go to KS so that my friend, Terri, and I could do these awesome layouts together.  Below is the video of us making one of the layouts and the pictures of the layouts.  Please watch the video and take a look at the awesome pictures below.

Tim’s announcement page.

Such awesome layouts!

Thanks for stopping by!  God bless you and yours!


2 thoughts on “Industrial Scrapbooking Using Metal Tape and Embossing Tools

  1. You two did a great job. Just right for young man getting ready to go out and conquer the world. Looks just like metal work. You must proud of yourself.

  2. Page looks Good! I enjoyed learning how to do it. This technique gives the page a lot if texture and interest, I still have to complete my page.

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