Project Life Week 47


Just a one page Project Life week.  That is definitely the exception.  I wish I had more of those but I guess my life is too exciting (yeah, right).

Project Life week 47.

The first small slot is a pumpkin sticker on a yellow PL card.

The second small slot has a picture of my newest pedicure – Christmas trees on my big toe.  It is almost Christmas!

The large slot on the top row has chip board banners that I put “week 47” stickers on.  I also put stickers that say “thanksgiving” in the little squares down below the banners.  Finally I wrote that we went to Greensboro the weekend after Thanksgiving at the bottom of the card.


The first horizontal slot is the last pic of Thanksgiving.

The bottom horizontal slot has a picture of Matthew and Abby on a sleigh.  It is attached to a piece of Christmas cardstock.

The last picture on the page is Tim and Camila at the mall in Greensboro.  I put a heart sticker on the picture.

That is all for the entire week.  Hip hip hooray.

God bless!



One thought on “Project Life Week 47

  1. Holidays are such busy times. Glad you took time to take pictures and let us see what’s going on in your world. If someone had told you that one day you would have a Christmas tree on your big toe, you would think, No Way!! Kinda fun to honor each holiday with a painted toe. Let’s see now. Memorial Day is coming up. The American flag maybe. Always enjoy pictures of Abby and Matthew. You pick up a lot of excitement from them. Tim and Camila doing their thing at the mall. Lots of selfies. Delicious looking dinner. Now I’m getting hungry. Snack time here I come.

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