Project Life Week 46 (part II)

Hi friends,

I have finished up week 46 in Project Life today.  It is not a great picture.  I used a lot of bulky stickers and fun things that made the light reflect off the plastic when I took the picture.

Part two of PL week 46.

The first large slot and the first two small slots have a picture of Abby and I at her school for grandparent’s day.  Above her face I put a flower spinner that says “I love this” and you point it to what you love.  I pointed it to “girl”.  I put an “A+” sticker above a grandma sticker. I had to give myself kudos.  🙂  I also put a pencil sticker below where I documented about the day.

The rest of the pics on the page were about Thanksgiving.  Besides our immediate family we had our cousins from Charleston come.  It was an excellent day.  I love the bulky “family” sticker that I put above the first pic of Thanksgiving.  I also put a PL card that says “Thankful”.

Sorry for the shiny picture.  I hope you get the drift of what was happening.  Hope to see you tomorrow!

God bless!


One thought on “Project Life Week 46 (part II)

  1. What makes Thanksgiving fun. Family! Looks like you all have a wonderful time and a nice visit. We usually go to Cindy and Steve’s house now. I miss cooking for my big family on holidays. Love the stickers making everything cheery and bright. I’m sure Abby was proud that her grandma came to visit her school. You both have happy smiles. Building up lots of precious thoughts.

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