Project Life Week 46

Hello dear friends,

I am scrapping week 46 today.  It is mostly of my hubby’s birthday.

Project Life week 46.

The first three large pics are of my hubby’s birthday.  We found these fun lotus candles (Saw them on Facebook and ordered them off Amazon.  Now they are at Walmart.) that we have been using on our birthday cakes.

The first small slot has a PL card that I put “week 46” on.  I also Brad’s name and age where the card has a space for it on the bottom.  Thought it was appropriate since it is the page where we are celebrating his birthday.

The next two small slots have pics that I found on my phone of Absey taking selfies.  Silly girl!  In the space on the last large slot I wrote about her taking the selfies.  I also put a sticker that says “crazy”.  I started it on one of her selfie pics and continued it onto the last large picture slot.

The last picture that I put on the layout is of a fortune cookie that I received.  I think it was more of a wisdom cookie.  It says, “What is right is often forgotten by what is convenient.”.  I had to use part of two slots because it is in landscape mode.  I actually have the real fortune.  I adhered it to the bottom of the picture.

That is all for today.  Hope to have more on here tomorrow.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 46

  1. Brad looks so serious about his candle. Probably thinking how he could make it better or some idea for work. Cute idea. I’m sure he had a great time with family there and lots of good treats. There’s no telling what some secret things you can find on your phone when a grand kid is around. So funny. Yes, it’s a lot easier to do what is easier than to put some thought into some things. Good advice. Looking like a fun and happy occasion.

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