Project Life Week 45 (part II)

Hi friends,

Back again with more Project Life.  I am finishing up week 45 which means 7 more weeks for 2016.  Nothing to brag about.  😉

Part 2 of week 45 in PL.

The first picture is of Abby and I taking a selfie at her school’s Fun Run.  She is always happy when I show up and I am always happy to see her happy.  The first two small pics are of Abby walking and then running.  The right large pic and the third small one is of Matthew cheering her on.

The bottom right pic is on a cute piece of paper.  It goes on into the bottom small slot, too.  The picture is of Halloween costumes that I found for an awesome price.  I had to get some for nieces and nephews as well as grandkids.  I wrote costume bargains on the cute paper. In the small slot I put the piece of the picture on a PL card and I put acorn stickers on the card, too.  The last picture is of Matthew trying on a Scooby Doo costume once we got home.  I think I found out why it was so cheap.  Besides being after Halloween, a foot was sewn on backwards.  🙁

That is it for week 45.  Week 46 tomorrow?

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 45 (part II)

  1. Run Abby Run!!! Bet she enjoyed your watching her . At least Matthew could use his costume for dress up fun

  2. A hard race but a fun race. Gets the kids to do exercise. Halloween costume is sure funny. Maybe Matthew will get extra treats since he is a wounded Scooby. I’m sure all the kids had a blast with their costumes and their trick-or-treating time. I love bargains but you do have to be careful. I bought an angel cheap and found out part of her wing was missing. Gotta start using my eagle eye. Also got a pretty black picture frame cheap and then noticed a small chip. Lucky I had some black markers and fixed it right up.

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