Creating Origami Flowers

HI friends,

I was gone a LONG time on vacation (to see family and friends) and then a friend returned with me and I showed her my area of the country.  It was a great time but I am excited to be back.

While I was gone my friends and I made some flowers out of paper for my friend’s daughter’s wedding.  They are going to make the bouquets and centerpieces out of these flowers.  I am going to show you a couple of pictures of the finished flowers (not bouquets or centerpieces – I will post them after the wedding).  I am also posting a YouTube video link so you can see how they were made.

A few petals put together into complete flowers.

Several flowers completed ready to be made into centerpieces.

see Youtube Video

I am looking forward to getting back on track and doing some fun scrapbooking and a few other crafts mixed in.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Creating Origami Flowers

  1. Very pretty flowers. You could make all kinds for the holiday using the appropriate papers. I must try and learn to make them. If I can ever get my recent cross stitch project finished. I’m sure everything will turn out just right for the wedding. So different and just as pretty.

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