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On Friday I added an extra page in September (the benefit of using a 3 ring binder is you can easily change your pages around or add pages).  Well, on the back side of the slots that I filled with the Angel Oak pics were a lot of empty slots.  I decided to fill those slots with memory pics.  Pictures that I have been sent or found on Facebook (however I came across them) that are older than this years book.  Most of them are much older.

My PL memory page.

The first picture is of my dad in his Air Force uniform.  He was at the house where he was born and raised.  I centered it on a PL card.  In the first small slot I found a card with stars and journaling.  I wrote about the picture.  I also added two “flags”.  One with stripes and one says love.  I then put a gold star on the side of the “flags”.

The second pic has my Uncle Gordon in it.  He was the local sheriff for a year.  I didn’t realize that.  In the last small slot I used a journaling card that says “details here” with a hand pointing up.  I wrote about the picture and I added a sticker that says “family”.

On the bottom row the first picture is of my mom and me holding my nephew Jaden.  The second small slot is a PL card that says “Hello Fine Fellow”.  I thought that was fitting.  I wrote about the picture on the card at the bottom.

The last picture on the page is of my dad’s mom.  We called her Mom.  The children are my two oldest brothers and my cousin. The third small slot has a PL journaling card that has a large & sign on it.  I journaled about the picture and then put a sticker that says “family” on the top.

That is it for this day.  See you tomorrow!

God bless!


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  1. Kinda nice to see the old photos. All brown and no color. I see your dad looking cool for your mom in his uniform My great grand father was a judge so there is law and order in our family trees. Happy you have some pictures of your grandmother. I know she lived with the family for a while. I remember a tornado in Haysville and your mom, dad and grandmother came over to the house. Funny what little things you remember. Nice thoughts.

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