Journaling – Quick Options

Good day to all of you!  We are finally into glorious fall!  I love it when the trees change.  I am hoping to take a drive and see all of God’s beautiful colors before they fall to the ground.

I’ve been sharing about the importance of journaling.  I wanted to share a short cut.  At all craft stores they have all kinds of tags and papers that are lined.  These let you journal until your hearts content, using your own handwriting, and without drawing lines (no fear of going up or down hill).  Here are a few examples:

A lined piece of paper that is perfect for journaling about school pictures and a couple of large lined tags.

I used another large lined tag for the pages I scrapped.  I actually divided it up and used it on two pages.  Here is the result.

Mom’s birthdays.

Another birthday – notice the tag.

I hope I am giving you some ideas to spur your creativity.

Have a great day and God bless!



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