Fun in the Sun (or in the Studio)

Hello friends,

So happy that you are here and taking an interest in my creations and in creating new ones of your own.  In a few days I will have to take a break because painters are coming to paint my scrapbook room.  I have to pack it up and put it away and then do the opposite.  When we moved to this house my scrapbook (craft) room had an elephant on the wall as you walk in and a monkey in a palm tree (that continues onto the ceiling)  on the far wall.  As I am packing up and putting away I am trying to go through some of it and get rid of what I will never use.  I am trying not to be a scrapbooking hoarder.  That is tough.  I am also trying to organize as I go so that when it comes time to unpack I can make things a little nicer and neater.  (Hoping my hubby will help).

Meanwhile I am trying to get a few more pages done before that happens.

This is a cute pic of Matthew.  We always try to have cute outfits to put on the kids when they have their pics taken.  Well, Matthew’s mama came up with the idea of taking off clothes (just his shirt) since we were having a beach background.  It turned out really cute.

Baywatch for kids. 🙂

I started with a orange piece of cardstock (Matthew’s favorite colors – as I have said before).  I then put the half page of cardstock that has the saying on it on the left side of the page.  I matted Matthew’s picture (before matting it I used a X-acto knife and cut around the ticket, half circle of triangles, and the tags on the right of the mat.  I put them on top of the picture and added a little adhesive to the back of them to make them lay flat) and then added some cute stickers and di-cuts (including the cute camera).

So cute!

More where this came from!

See you tomorrow!

God bless!


One thought on “Fun in the Sun (or in the Studio)

  1. Love this picture. Just like life. Fun in the sun and going to the ocean. Loving all the oranges. One of my favorite colors. The saying adds so much to the picture. One of my all time favorites.

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