Project Life Week 27 (part 2)

Hello guys and gals (mostly gals),

Moving on with PL.  I have a lot more of these where this is coming from.

Finishing week 27.

Finishing week 27.

Most of this page is from another day at the park.  When you have two kids during the summer it kills a lot of time, uses a lot of energy, and just makes life a lot more enjoyable to go to the park.  The second small picture is of a birds nest I found when taking down a hanging plant to throw away.  The last small picture and the bottom one is a new, fun recipe that I found on Facebook.


You grill hotdogs.  Prepare cornbread.  Put the grilled hotdogs onto the prepared cornbread and cook until the cornbread is done.  I had already made homemade chili.  I cut up the hotdogs/cornbread combination and put it on a plate.  Topped it with chili.  Finally, I added cheese and sour cream.  Yum!

That is all for now.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 27 (part 2)

  1. We have a bird that makes a nest in the garage in a tool container, it seems to make it there every year, It’s a surprise in the spring when a momma bird dive bombs us . We should remember it by now and be prepared! I might have to try your recipe this winter with Chili.

  2. Sure sound like a tasty dinner. I made Chili last night. Good idea about the cornbread. I may have to steal EJ’s Jiffy mix he eats with his beans. I’m sure he will like the new idea. I have left over- chili. Tomorrow is the big day. No counting calories for me. I always think I’m going to pig out and fill up too fast. Never even have dessert until later in the evening. We will be going over to Cindy and Steves for dinner. I always make the dressing. Also some sweet potatoes (not falling on the floor ones.) Also a couple desserts. Kid in the park is a good way to run off some energy and gives you a little break. I bet who invented parks was a guy with a bunch of kids. ha Hope the little bird had her babies and all is well with them.

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