Finishing Up PL Week 26

Hi friends,

I intended on posting every day this week.  That didn’t happen.  Life did. Doctor appointments, birthdays, food poisoning….  Some of that will be in PL eventually.

Today I am finishing up a long week.  A lot happened.  A lot of fun!

The ending of a big week.

The ending of a big week.

The first picture was taken in my car.  It is of the birthday present that Ben and Amber got me.  It is a taser gun.  They know that I travel here and there quite a bit (North Carolina and KS are two favorites).  Often I am by myself.  They wanted to make sure that I am safe.  Isn’t that sweet?

Three of the pics are of the kids playing at their favorite park.  We have a lot of pictures taken at this park.

The first small slot is a PL card.  I wrote about all of the pics (except the bottom left one).  I put a sticker that says fun in the sun and I put arrow stickers on the card, too.

The second small card is a PL card that I did nothing to.

The bottom left picture is a throwback picture of my brother Greg and his son.  He text it to me and I printed it off.  It was at my parents house.  Neither of my parents are with us anymore and their house is someone else’s house.  This picture brings back a lot of memories.  I explained the picture in the bottom small slot.  I put a sticker on a PL card.  I wrote on the sticker with white ink.  I added a camera sticker and basketball stickers.

That is all for PL week 26.  Finally!

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Finishing Up PL Week 26

  1. Mom’s a packing!! That is neat that they are concerned about your safety. The kids look like they are having a good time, That’s neat that Greg sent you a picture of days gone by. Your family is so busy=hope all is well ,food poisoning ,oh my!!

  2. Tasers are good for many things. Unruly grand kids, unruly husbands,and unruly pets. Kidding aside, I think everyone should have one. I always look around before I return to the car. It’s sad the world we are living in. I used to run all over when I was small. Never dreamed of anything bad happening. The kids now can’t ever play alone anymore. Hope things will change soon. Mankind has really fallen. So happy there are parks for kids now. They need to be able to run and play. I know you miss your old home. I won’t even drive by mine now, I think it is torn down. I just don’t want to see it that way. Mom had some beautiful flowers she grew. I know they are long gone, but I still have my memories. Good that you have some pictures of yours and of your family by it. Life is good and what you do with it. They can be “happy days” without worry.

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