Twenty-One Pilots Concert

Hello amigos,

Back in June, Tim and I went to Greensboro and picked up Tim’s girlfriend.  We then went to Raleigh to a Twenty-One Pilots concert.  They are such a fun group.

A fun time!

A fun time!

The tickets were just printed out at home.  I saved them and cut out the main information and attached it to a PL card.  I saved a tag from a pair of pants that said “twentyone”.  I attached it to the top of the PL card with adhesive and a brad of an airplane.  I then added clear circle stickers to make the word “pilots”.

The right large picture is of Tim and his gal pal when we first arrived.  I put an acrylic card in front of the picture that says “I am in love with today”.

The first small slot tells about the concert.  It wasn’t a perfect night.  It was an outside arena.  It stormed.  The concert was called off for a while.  We went to the parking garage to wait.  It started again.  It was wonderful but not as long as it would have been otherwise.

The second small slot is of the crowd looking from the parking garage.

The third small slot is a PL card.

The last small slot is a picture I put on  PL card.  The top of the PL card says “Favorite”.  Tyler, the group singer, is on a pole like thing right in front of us.  AWESOME!

The bottom left picture is a selfie – everyone needs to remember that I was at the concert, too.  🙂

Finally, the last picture on the page is the view right in front of us.  We didn’t have a very good view of the stage.  But….we did have the pole right in front of us that Tyler climbed and sang a song from.  Payoff.

That is it for now.

Hope your weekend it wonderful!

God bless!



5 thoughts on “Twenty-One Pilots Concert

  1. Was this one of Tim’s favorite groups? Looks like you all had a good time,despite the weather. It will be fun to look back and remember the concert.

  2. Rain, rain, go away. Glad if didn’t ruin your evening. Anytime a couple gets to see one another no kind of weather hurts anything. I haven’t heard of the twenty-one pilots but heard they are pretty good. Like how you used the 21 and airplane. Funny how the lead singer was right in front of you. Tim was thrilled I bet. Cute tickets to show it was a concert. It just wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t get into the act. After all I’m sure you was the taxi driver. Fun day, wet or not.

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