Project Life Week 26



I was going for a traditional go vote picture but this one caught my attention.  Ha ha!

Today I am going back to PL. ¬†Want to try and sort of get caught up. ¬†I know from past experience that I probably won’t get caught up.

The starting of a large week 26 layout.

The starting of a large week 26 layout.

The top and bottom rows are Matthew on the last day of one of the VBS’. ¬†The firetruck came and sprayed water after the program on this day, too. ¬†Abigail went to the VBS but she missed the last day because she had dental work done. ¬†The dentist went ahead and tapped out the top two teeth because they were SO loose. ¬†The first small picture shows Abs after the dental appointment with her gappy smile. The second small slot is a PL journaling car with the clear acrylic circle and a gold 26 for week 26. ¬†I wrote “week” and about all of the pictures. ¬†The 3rd small slot has a picture taken at Kirklands. ¬†It is a picture of the initials BTK. ¬†If you aren’t from KS they probably don’t have much significance. ¬†But in KS there was a serial Killer known as the BTK Killer. ¬†He eventually got caught. ¬†The initials stand for bind, torture, and kill. ¬†CREEPY! ¬†The last small slot is of a fantastic burger that Brad got (I just noticed all that bacon).

Pretty simple layout.  I have been taking so many pictures it is hard to choose which ones make the cut.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 26

  1. I think you picked the best cuts of pictures. Cute. Fire trucks and water hose, a little boy’s dream come true. Too bad Abby missed it. She can go next year. Anyway she’s got to have a pretty smile. With or without teeth. Little kids can get away with that. Old people with dentures can’t. I remember the BTK thing. Just think, we could have run into that creep at one time. As for the burger. B stands for “Burgers for Brad filled with Bacon”. The boy loves his bacon. Next to figs that is. A fine day to be had.

  2. Cute smile of Abby with her teeth missing. Those kids sure have a great grandma to take to fun activities!! I dont think I’ve tried figs,might have to find some. Everyone loves a good hamburger ,especially with bacon!!!

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