Beach Time Boy


This doesn’t come from Hawaii but from the beach.  Trying to think of a new way to say hi everyday is difficult.

Cuteness (times 2).

Cuteness (times 2).

This is for Matthew’s album but one of the pictures has Abby in it, too.  I matted all the photos.  On some I rounded the corners of the matting, on some I kept them square, on some I rounded the corners of the pictures, some I kept square, and finally, on the bucket I trimmed around the top of the bucket on the picture and then trimmed around the picture on the matting.

The background is part of a page that I had cut apart using it on another layout.  The paper had two gold ribbons attached to it.  I then attached the partial background paper to a piece of blue cardstock.  I attached a border sticker that I had also dissected.  It had the words “Hittin’ the” and then I added big, curvy, multi colored letters that say “beach”.  The partial border sticker had a boat so I added another boat sticker at the other end.  I also wrote 2016 down below it.

I attached the pictures making the bucket twisted a bit.  I added a a cute sticker in between all of the pictures that says, “Good time for summer days”.  Perfect for a beach layout.

That is all!

God bless!


One thought on “Beach Time Boy

  1. Beachie pictures of kids is always fun to look at. You have created some beach monsters. Cute ones though. Sand buckets and shells to be gathered. Warm and sunny day to enjoy the kids and the beach. Hitting the road, hitting the beach, and then lucked out by hitting the perfect day for picture taking. Colorful additions to bring the day alive.

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