Project Life Week 25 – part II


I am finishing up of PL week 25 today.  Almost 1/2 way through the year.  This album is a little stressful.  It is so easy to get behind!  It is an awesome album when you look at it all at once.  You all should really try it at least one time.

PL week 25 part II.

PL week 25 part II.

The first large slot is a picture that I put on a PL title card.  I wrote Charleston, SC on it.  The picture is of my cousin and I in front of the house that she came home from the hospital to when she was born. The first small slot is a picture inside the place that we ate dinner at.

The beach pics are a fun afternoon at the beach with just the kids and I.  The picture of the crab was a joke that was played on us and others by an old man.  He was pulling this plastic crab down the beach.  It was attached to a clear acrylic thread.  It was very hard to see that it wasn’t real.  I noticed it first and called the kids over.  Pretty soon there were several people around.  Boy was I embarrassed when it was discovered to be a fake.  🙂

The bottom small pic is of me using Brad’s Father’s day present that my middle son got him.  It was pretty cool.  The large bottom picture is of my KS grandkids celebrating Fathers day with their cousins.

Finally, The bottom left PL card is a description of what is happening in all of the pictures.

That is it.

God bless!



3 thoughts on “Project Life Week 25 – part II

  1. I had someone do that with a purse on the road in Haysville. You go to check it out and they moved it and laughed. Looks like you have a good time at the beach. Lots on neat places in SC.

  2. What a day you had at the beach. Pretty cool to play a trick on everyone. Bet the kids loved it. I know your cousin loved seeing the house. So many things happen there. Glad Brad had a cool Father’s Day. Ben’s a good guy. Having some fun in Kansas with the Wichita family. Hope someday you all will move back here. Kansas missed you all and we miss you millions more.

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