Project Life Weeks 24 and Week 25

Howdy pals!

Today is just one page but one picture on the layout is from week 24 and the rest is from week 25.

PL weeks 24 and 25.

PL weeks 24 and 25.

Camila and her dad and sister came to visit and it happened to be on my birthday.   This is the only picture that I have from my birthday.  It is of Camila and Tim.  They used snapchat to make the silly picture and to show where they were at.  I thought I had better have it in here to mark my birthday.  😉    In the first small space I put a PL card that says “happy together”.  I added some flag chipboard to the corner of the card.  On the second small card I explained about week 24 and the birthday picture and then told about week 25.  We went to Charleston to visit my cousins and to tour their area.  I used clear discs with gold numbers to signify weeks 24 and 25 (Actually, I added the week 25 disc after I took the picture).

On a couple of the Charleston pictures I put chat box stickers and I wrote about what was going on in the picture.  The only other picture on this page that is different is the 3rd small space has a picture of my car’s digital thermometer.  It says, 106 degrees.  I added a sun sticker to the picture.

That is it.  More tomorrow to finish up week 25.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Weeks 24 and Week 25

  1. Charleston looks like a very neat place to go hang out. You will enjoy looking a pictures later and reliving those memories. I don’t mind hot weather,but I have been enjoying the cooler fall weather . Keep up the good work on PL. I’m glad your getting time to work on it.

  2. Great birthday time. Visiting family and getting some sun. A little too much sun. Fun places to visit and to try the latest cuisine. Goofy kids having some times together. Sure are enjoying your time in South Carolina. Hurricane or not. The beach blots out all memories of bad weather. All safe and sound and that’s what counts. Remembering this birthday. Look back and remember.

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