Project Life Week 24


I am going to do a few PL layouts before going back to a “regular” album.

Project Life week 24.

Project Life week 24.

This week the kids attended VBS.  It was on Hilton Head.  While they were there I went and ate breakfast, hung out at a book store, went to TJ Maxx or HomeGoods…..  It just lasted about 2 1/2 hours but it was a pretty cool time for me, too.  This shows the last day of VBS.  The fire truck came and the kids got to play.  On the bottom row you can see Matthew on the way back home.  I put the picture on a PL card and then put a sticker on the part of the PL card that was showing.  I then added 4 letter z’s to look like he was snoring.

The last small picture and large picture were of Matthew playing with his dump truck and dirt on the back porch.  Diego was out there with him lizard hunting (his favorite pastime after eating and sleeping).  I put a couple of stickers on the large picture.  They say 100% boy, play, dirty.  Pretty well describes what was going on.

That is it for this part of the layout.

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Project Life Week 24

  1. Looks like the kids had fun and wore themselves out. That was neat you got to have some You time. That must of been a big VBS for the fire department to come join in the fun.

  2. Good times at VBS. Sure can wear little kids out. So much fun. Love how Matthew uses his sun glasses for nap time. Bet he’s dreaming of being a fireman someday. Happy they enjoyed the time. A boy and his dog. A picture that never gets old. Both playing and pretending. One to be a Sanitation Collector (political correct) and one a mighty hunter in the jungle. Both 100 percent boys. Loving the ZZZZ’s.

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