Terri’s Ramen Layout

Hey guys!

Terri sent me a few of her cute pages.  One of them somehow got lost in cyberspace but I have this awesome one.  (Terri, resend “sushi”.)  🙂

Terri and her hubby munching on yummy ramen.

Terri and her hubby munching on yummy ramen.

Terri always uses really fun things on her page that she doesn’t have to buy.  This layout has actual chopsticks from a restaurant on it.  She tied two ribbons on them and attached them to the top of her page after the pics were already adhered and the bowl of fake ramen.  Isn’t that bowl with ramen in it that she made really awesome?  She journaled on a homemade tag about whether they used a chopstick or fork (I’m a fork girl).  She included a sticker of chopsticks and silverware on the tag.  She matted the tag.  She used the same paper for the title “Ramen” as she did for the backing of the journal.  She did distress the title a bit.

Such an awesome page (I really love the background paper, too).

Thanks, Terri, for thinking of me.

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Terri’s Ramen Layout

  1. Cute cute cute page. Who knew those chop sticks could be so useful. Not only in eating (never learned how to use them) but for a sweet layout. I tried Thai food for the first time last week. Really good. Hot and spicy. My eye started watering so I’ll cut down next time on the spices. The food sure looks good. Clever how you got the pictures of the food, your selves and the chop sticks all on one page. So creative. Like the spoon and fork and the cut out lettering. The place mat matches it all.

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