A Baby is Born

Hi friends,

Good news!  We survived Hurricane Matthew!  Our fence has issues but that is a part of living on the coast I guess.  I love the ocean so I can’t complain.

I finished a page that I have been thinking about for a long time.  I saved Matthew’s newborn hospital picture for the page.  It turned out fabulous.

First I had to pick out a background sheet.  I wanted it to be baby boy but I wanted it to be subtle.  I had a stork sheet that was so cute but it was too much.  I now know what I am going to do with it.  I am so excited.  Hopefully in the the next day or two I will get it accomplished.

I had to order clock hand stickers.  I could have free handed them but I wanted them to be perfect for this page.  I had to order them on Ebay because I couldn’t find them in any of the stores.

The introduction page for Matthew's baby album.

The introduction page for Matthew’s baby album.

Next I had to put the numbers on.  I wanted to place them just right to look like a clock face so I pulled off a small lamp shade (I even broke the bulb – grrr).  I lightly traced it with a pencil.  I then used my magnetic ruler and held the paper in place and used it (I actually used two magnetic rulers) to see where to put the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9.  The others  I free handed.  I put Matthew’s picture on before adding the last few numbers.  I trimmed the picture (always hard to do) and placed the numbers 4 and 5 on the picture.  The number 5 is slightly off because I couldn’t cover that little finger.  I put the clock hands on the time he was born 11:06.  I then wrote, “Welcome to the world”, his name, the date he was born, and his weight and length.  I put something else where I have the big crib toy sticker but it just wasn’t quite what I wanted.  Luckily, it came off without damaging the page.  I love the big, fun sticker.

I love it!  I love that it is the opening layout for the album.  It turned out SO awesome!

That is all for today (can’t handle any more awesomeness!).

God bless!


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  1. Am I way behind or what? It’s been busy around here lately. Sweet picture of baby Matthew. The apple of your eye. Or should I say one of the apples of your eye. He is a dandy. As God says, wonderfully made. Lots of work to make this page special. All the love put into this made it special. Lucky little boy. My third great grandchild. I’m one lucky GG.

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