Project Life Week 23 Part II

Hi guys,

It is part II of another big week.

Part II of PL week 23.

Part II of PL week 23.

Most of this page is from Sesame Street Live: Let’s Dance!  I put that information on a PL card that had the words “woot woot” cut out.  I put it in front of the PL card that was on the previous page.  It was almost like a cross between construction paper and cardboard.

The first picture is of the introduction to the show.  The second picture is of Amber and the kids crowded onto one chair.  Abby had a silly scowl but she was just being silly.  The only picture that wasn’t part of the show was a picture of Diego.  He had managed to jump up into a chair and was peeking over the edge of the table (outside) to see if he could find a lizard.  He loves chasing them.

The bottom right card was a PL card that I wrote about the pictures on.  I added a couple of stickers and a little knotted dog toy sticker.

That is it for today.  Hope your day is FABULOUS!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 23 Part II

  1. What a good time for the adults and kids. I watched Sesame Street a few times. I liked Big Bird and Snuffalopus. Diego would love the sand lizards we have here.

  2. Cookie Monster!! My favorite. Kids had lots of fun I know. Wonder what Diego would do if he did catch a lizard? Probably run away. Anyway was a fun time. Did everyone get up and dance? I would have. Me and Big Bird would be quite a pair. Like the heart and dog sticker.

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