Project Life Week 23 Part 1

Hi friends,

My (our) life is flying by.  My youngest son turned 18 yesterday.  He got his drivers license the Monday before.  In December he will probably graduate from high school.  Then what?  The question for all of us since it is our youngest.  Brad’s life probably won’t change a lot but Tim’s and mine definitely will.  It leaves me a little sad, excited, nervous.  For both Tim and I.  I know that he will fly!

The first part of PL week 23.

The first part of PL week 23.

The first slot is two pictures from when Brad and I took both SC grandkids to the park.  Brad helped both  of them cross the monkey bars.  Besides the picture of the slug that I took, the rest of the pics were from when Brad’s childhood friend, Donny, and his family came to visit us.  We went out to eat at the Crazy Crab on Friday evening.  Then on Saturday we went to Coligny beach.  The first two small pics were of Brad cooling off in the fountains after the beach.  The first picture on the bottom row is of Brad, Donny, and little Donny on the swing at Coligny beach walk.  The last slot on the bottom row is a PL card that I wrote a gold “Week” on and outlined it in black and put a clear disc with a gold “23” on it beside the word.  I wrote about all of the pictures, too.

A fun day and more to come about week 23.

God bless!



4 thoughts on “Project Life Week 23 Part 1

  1. Happy birthday to Tim..and congrats on getting his license. The time will go so fast !! It’s hard to believe that he will be graduating soon. That is cool that Brad got to see his childhood friend. I count it a blessing to have two great friends that choose to grow old with me!! Wishing everyone a great fall day.

  2. I didn’t know Donnie and family came for a visit. I know you all had a fun time and showed them SC. That little boy looks just like Donnie when he was a little kid. Looks like a real hot day there. The beach was the place to go. What ever made you take a picture of a slug? Bored were you? We all adjust when the last kid leaves home. All you can do is hope all goes well for Tim. He’s a kind and loving person and I know God has plans for him. Look what He has done for you and Brad. So many blessings. Tim will do just fine. Been saying a prayer for you and the family.

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