Project Life Week 22


I am back.  Just keep dealing with health issues.  Once I get them figured out I will be so much more productive!  Just another PL.  I did print a lot of pictures so hopefully I will be on a role for awhile.

Complete layout of PL week 22.

Complete layout of PL week 22.

This was a fun week – and busy but I contained it to one page.  The first picture is of Matthew with a beard book.  The previous time at the library he had a hat book.

The second slot on the top row is two pictures mounted on a PL card.  The first picture is a selfie that Absey took.  The second is a silly picture that she took of me.

The first small slot is a pic of Absey doodle on her last day of first grade.  She has some extra big eyes in this picture.

The second small slot is Matthew on a bike ride.  I am a walking grandma trying to keep up with him.

The 3rd small slot is Tim on his first day of driving school in the drivers seat.

The last small slot is a pair of shoes under my car.  It is the Walmart on Hilton Head Island.  The shoes weren’t there when we went into the store.

The first picture in the bottom row is of Ben and his family and me at a movie.  I had to turn the picture portrait style.  I mounted it on a PL card with the dots on the side.

Finally, the last slot is a week 22, June, and journaling card all rolled up into one.  I used a clear disc with a gold 22 on it.  I wrote week in gold.  I Changed colors every time I changed pictures that I was talking about.  I put a dot before the subject.  I wrote in cursive – which is pretty rare for me in scrapping anymore.  I also put a June sticker on the card.

That’s it for today.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 22

  1. Hope you get back to feeling like your perky self soon. Hope Tim is doing good with his driving, That boy is growing up !! Driving now ,how time flies. I think its neat how you document your daily life. Hope you can get back to a healthy routine.

  2. Feeling better I hope. Health, it’s a bummer. Looks like Matthew had another fun day at the library. That must be his second home. He sure loves it. Yes, Abby is sure happy school is out for a while. I had those same big eyes when vacation started at work (when I worked.) Maybe those shoes under your car are the wicked witch of the East. Remember she melted away and only her shoes was left. I think that’s right. Been a while since I watched the show. Bike riding can be fun. No more training wheels? Tim and his car. I found out the other day that in Hilton Head it’s a crime to have trash in your car. Warn Amber. Good times at the movie. Three D is it? I watched Jurassic World in 3 D. Neat. I love movie popcorn and a icy coke So good. Must be all the extra butter I demand. Anyway a fun week you all had.

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