Project Life Week 21


Another day of scrapping this week.  And another day of PL.  I am determined to be creative with traditional scrapping tomorrow.  Hope it works out!

Complete layout of week 21 of PL.

Complete layout of week 21 of PL.

The first picture is of my cousins and us when they came to visit.  We did a segway tour in Savannah.  So fun!  Then the second large picture is an awesome tree at a park.  Brad and I have a thing for trees (him more than me but they are really growing on me).

The first small slot is the week 21 card.  I again used the clear acrylic disc with the gold number 21 on it.  I wrote the word week.  The card had a heart on it so I wrote around it.  about the pics.  The next small slot is a PL card that says “Hello fine Fella”.  It is obvious that I am talking about Matthew because the next two slots have pictures of him.  He had to go with me to wash the grays out of my hair.  He was such a good boy!  I took him  to 2 parks!  The first picture is of him at the hair place.  The second one is after he slid down a slide at the park and he had static in his hair.

On the bottom row are pics of the kids at the movie theater behind the Angry Birds movie prop.  They had a spot for their faces.  So cute!

That is it for week 21.  Moving on up and ready for the end of May and the beginning of June.

God bless!


4 thoughts on “Project Life Week 21

  1. Always fun to see family. We will have to take a Segway tour sometime. Don’t think I can handle the little scooter though. I like tree too. To think the trunk is like the stem of a flower. Big Big Flower. A trip with Matthew can be some fun. It’s only fitting that he should go to the beauty shop. After all he may be accounted for some of the gray hairs. ha Maybe buy some static remover for him when you go to the parks. The angry bird movies must be fun. The kids sure enjoy them. A couple little birds getting their picture taken with the angry birds. Yes, the kids are a couple of jolly good fellows and gals.

  2. What a cute pic of Matthew and his hair, Didn’t know the slide was that electrified. That’s neat your cousins got to visit. Brad would of loved the trees on our road trip on the mountain side, They seemed to be endless .A sea of trees!

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