Project Life Week 20

I am back for two days in a row!  Hello!

I am excited to finally be on the move again.  Hope I can keep it up!  More PL.  I am excited to be doing it but hope to do some traditional scrapping soon.

Week 20 - fun times!

Week 20 – fun times!

This week is almost all about Matthew.  Since I watch him while his mom is at work and Abseydoodle is at school for most of the day – we have a lot of time alone.  So we take quite of bit of time to play.  Isn’t that what grandmas are for?

In the first slot I cut down a PL card and put it on another PL card.  It says, “A Child is the Greatest Gift”.  I then put a pic of Matthew on his present from his grandpa and I.  In the 2nd slot I put a pic of him on a slide on another PL card.  It says, “These are the days”.  I then added a tag.  I put it catty cornered and trimmed it down where it hung over the edge.  It says, “watch me GROW”.

In the small slots are two pics of Matthew and then a PL card that says, “You are the apple of my eye”.  Then I have a PL card that I made into my week 20 card.  I added a clear acrylic disc with the number 20 on it.  Then I put alpha stickers for the word week.  I added a slipper slide sticker.

The first space on the bottom row is taken with two pics.  One is of Matthew and Absey at the pool.  The second spot and then the first part of the next slot is of how rainy it was when we took Tim to work when he was working at Panera.  It was raining cats and dogs.  I left a little spot on the PL card to write about how hard it was raining.  Finally, the last part of the second spot is of Matthew holding his mask library book to his head.  We have a tradition for his library day.  We go to the library program, then we go to the room where he plays on the computer, plays, and then we pick out 4-5 books and read them and then check out two, finally we go out for lunch and read the two books again.  Fun day but it takes about 3 hours in total.

That’s it for this page.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

God bless!


One thought on “Project Life Week 20

  1. Busy Busy Day. Well worth it to spend time with grand kids. Matthew is really loving the library. Glad he loves books. We all need to read in order to get by in life. The kids sure had a great summer. Swimming is always a fun time. All the little stickers adds to the story. These really are the days. Days to remember and to add some adventure for the little ones.

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