Project Life Week 19 – Part II

Hi friends,

I am finally back with another PL.  I am so late because I have had a struggle keeping up with my life with kids, grandkids, and my health.  Sometimes it gets overwhelming but it always settles down.

Matthew and Ben's birthday.

Matthew and Ben’s birthday.

Most of the pictures on this page are from when Amber and I took Matthew to a Mexican restaurant for his birthday (after his pics).  Amber told them it was his birthday and they came to sing to him.  He was terrified.  He got as close as he could to Amber and hid.  (That is the 2nd picture on the first row.  It is kind of hard to see.)  After the meal we borrowed their sombrero and took several shots and he was very happy.

The last small slot is a PL card that said celebrate.  I put a silly cupcake sticker on it and then I put a sticker that says “A day in May”.  I wrote about all that happened on the birthday.

On the bottom row is a picture of Matthew”s cake that I made him and Ben’s birthday donut cake that he counts on every year (from Krispee Kreme).

That is it for the week.

God bless and hope to have more tomorrow!


One thought on “Project Life Week 19 – Part II

  1. Glad you are starting to feel better. You had quite a time with your vacation. So many things to do and it can be tiring. Happy Ben and Matthew had a nice birthday. You always make it fun. I guess singing to Matthew was kind of embarrassing for him. Little Poncho was sure cute in his hat. EJ got to sit on a saddle for his birthday at Texas Roadhouse. Was so funny. He ate up the singing part. EJ is a big ham at heart. Bet the cakes didn’t last too long.

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