Project Life Week 17 Part II

Hi friends,

This is the 2nd part of week 17.  I love this page.  It is mostly of Matthew.  But the photo on the top row on the right is of my KS granddaughter, Lily.  Her parents had a “turtle day”.  My husband did this for the boys so it is a tradition that Jake chose to continue.  I put the picture on a PL card and cut a turtle out of a page of reptiles that I had.  I then wrote Family tradition at the top and Turtle Day at the bottom.

The first picture is of Matthew at Abby’s school.  The first small picture is a PL card with a sticker that says May.    The second small slot is of Matthew in front of the library.  After the library we went to the smoothie shop.  He was already eating almonds.  On the way out he found the perfect dandelion to blow.  I took a lot of pictures.  I have pictures of his dad doing the same thing.  I think that is why I thought the pictures were priceless.  In the bottom small slot is a PL card that I put a sticker on (that I cut in two).  It says, “Rough and Tough Yet Oh so Sweet”.  That is Matthew!  I added a sticker of a smoothie to the PL card.

The grandkids have fun!

The grandkids have fun!

That is it for the day!

God’s blessing on you and yours!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 17 Part II

  1. Turtle day! I will have to hear about that fun day when I see you, That’s neat that you have similar pics of your son doing the same activities. Looks like a fun day with Grandma!!

  2. Oh so nice to have dad and son blowing the dandelion and ruining someone’s lawn. ha No really, I have a dandelion one of the grand kids picked and gave to me. It’s in my Bible. Wish I could remember which grand kid. They all are so special to me. Glad Matthew gets to see Abby’s school. He’ll be so ready to start soon. A library book and a smoothie to top it all off. What a great day. Love the turtle tradition. I love turtles. Wish we could hide out in a shell when we want to.

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