Matthew Loves to Swing

Another Matthew page before going back to PL.

Matthew's favorite thing to do is swing!

Matthew’s favorite thing to do is swing!

I had the photo that I bought at a scrapping store, of the swings, for a long time.  I didn’t know how I was going to use it until I found out Matthew’s love of swinging.  He and I go to parks a lot and that is always his first stop.  He never gets off until I quit pushing.  He loves to swing on his own, too, but his favorite thing is to be pushed.

I used a blue piece of cardstock and then attached the swing photo – leaving a slight gap between the photo and the edge.  I then figured out which photos I wanted to use and how I wanted to layer them.  I left another gap between the photos of Matthew and the photos of the swings.  I then attached them all and trimmed off the edges.  The last step was using border stickers between all of the photos to add definition.  I LOVE this page!

That is all for the day!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Matthew Loves to Swing

  1. I like how the big swing picture really accents the subject matter=SWINGS. He seems to like all kinds,the tire and the chain swings, Swings are so relaxing, I wonder if he feels like he’s flying!

  2. All little monkeys like to swing. Real cute page. I love someone pushing me on a swing too. Can’t seem to get anyone to do it. There’s something about swinging that relaxes the soul. Maybe that’s way no one wants to stop. Hoping Matthew has many more fun days of going to the park. He’s a real “swinger.”

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