Bubbles at the Library

Hi my creative friends,

Today I have a fun layout of Matthew at the library.  Once every few weeks or so, after reading and crafts, the library has a bubble machine put out a massive amount of bubbles.  Matthew loves it!  One of the pictures that I took of him is my absolute favorite!

It's bubble time!

It’s bubble time!

I used five different pictures and it was from a couple of different days at the library.  I had a small piece of bubble paper that I used for a mat on the top right picture.  The bottom left picture I matted on velum.  The other pictures I didn’t mat.  I did layer two of them.  After adhering the pictures I got out my scrapbooking sewing stuff and found all of my sewing stencils that looked like circles and ovals.  I punched holes of different circles using a needle and putting a pad behind the paper.  I then sewed the circles using a metallic blue thread.  I used washi tape to tape the ends onto the back of the page.  It has been awhile since I have sewn on my scrapbooking pages.  I really enjoyed it.

The other thing I did that I haven’t used in a long time is used my label maker to journal on the page.  I really love this page.  My favorite picture is the bottom left one.  It shows his joy.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Bubbles at the Library

  1. What a great idea for the library to do. Now kids wants to go and to see and read books and then have some exercise. Matthew sure loves his bubbles. It matches his personality. Also making some new friends there. Like you time consuming sewing job. You did well. Sometimes, sewing relaxes me. Bubbles, bubbles, everywhere, Bubbles, bubbles, in the air. Chasing bubble and breaking them is so much fun. Fun bonding day.

  2. Matthew is having a great time. I love that bottom picture too. Its good you got dome pic of the other kids interacting,It show how much he loves the Bubbles! Neat idea with the sewing,I for get to add that to my pages. A fun day!!

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