Project Life Week 17


Another week of life and another week recorded in Project Life.  This week’s is awesome because it is actually a one page layout.  My favorite!

A fun week at the Turner household.

A fun week at the Turner household.

The top left picture is my KS granddaughter with her first tooth lost.  Her parents didn’t know that it was loose yet.  Surprise!  The top right photo is a picture of Abigail before her first soccer game of the season.  I added a soccer ball brad to the photo.  The bottom right picture is of Brad playing with the grandkids.  I put it on a piece of decorative paper and added a sticker that says “grandpa”.  The bottom right picture is of Brad on a hike.  I added a sticker of footsteps and wrote hiking on it.  I also added the clear disc that has the gold number 17 on it to the picture and wrote the word “week” around the perimeter of the picture.  The small slots have a picture of Abby playing soccer and of the kids swimming.

That’s it for week 17.  Can you believe it?

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 17

  1. I’m hot=can I play in the pool? Those kids in Ks sure are getting big! Bet you guys can’t wait to see them. Wish there was a neat place to hike around here.

  2. Fun picture of the grand kids. It’s funny how little kids like to smile when they lose their first tooth. It’s almost like a holiday. When we lose our teeth, we try not to smile and it’s far from being a holiday. Sometimes you have no more teeth to lose. I should have quite a little bundle in the bank, but tooth fairy forgot me I guess. You think Abby will play soccer again this year? Looks as if she had a fun time playing. Brad out on his hike. Another big kid, still looking for whatever he can find hiding in the woods. Looks like your weeks are really adding up.

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