All Boy :)

Hi friends,

I have a Matthew page.  I have had these two pictures that are black and white.  My youngest son was in a photography class last year and he took and developed these pictures of Matthew.

My cutie grand boy.

My cutie grand boy.

I used one of the pages that came with the photo album.  The lion’s mane was an orangish red.  Matthew’s favorite color is orange so I decided to mat the photos with orange cardstock.    I left them both square cornered and then I attached them to the background page.  The bottom pictures corner was barely touching Matthew’s face in the top pictures so I ended up rounding that corner of the mat.  It made a big difference.  I had a cute piece of cardstock that has a saying about boys.  I matted that on orange cardstock to and put that on the page.  There was a corner of the mats that were on the background page that was left exposed.  (I covered the rest of them up with the pictures and with the saying).  I used that exposed mat corner as a journaling box.  I had a lion sticker (that came with the scapbook) and was just like the lion on the bottom of the page but smaller.  I added it to the top of the layout.   It turned out super cute.

Thanks for taking a peek!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “All Boy :)

  1. Those are good pics of Matthew. I like the sunglasses,He’s styling!! Thats good to put the color orange on the page to remind you that he likes that color.

  2. Tim did a great job of his picture taking adventure. He picked a good subject too. Matthew is soft like a kitty but tough like a lion. Good idea of the orange. I like all the reddish colors also. Cute how the orange color matches the lion mane. Makes it cheerful and fun.

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