Project Life Week 16 (part IV)

Hello friends,

My friends are here and I couldn’t feel more blessed!  Hope you are all having a great week!

Final page of week 16.

Final page of week 16.

The first two rows are of my KS grandkids having a good time together drawing on the sliding glass door.  The last small slot is a PL journaling card that I wrote about all of the pictures on.  I did add a few stickers to make it fun.  The bottom row is Matthew at the library.  The first picture on that row is one of my favorites.

Week 16 is finished!  So excited to be getting this slowly caught up.  I am going to be gone for a few weeks soon.  I want to start getting on track before I leave!

God bless!



One thought on “Project Life Week 16 (part IV)

  1. I just love little kid drawings. I have some of Cindy’s, but not of the other kids. Seems the first kid you are going to save everything and then other kids come along and bye bye to that. How I wish I could go back and look at some of them. Lily is really paying attention to Ethan teaching her to draw. Looks like she is trying to draw a dinosaur neck. I like the picture of Matthew too. Bubbles are so much fun to catch, also the second picture looks like he may eat some of them too. There’s something mysterious about bubbles. I guess cause they float and have the color of rainbow in them. I can see why little kids like to play with them so much.

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