Project Life Week 16 (part III)

Howdy friends,

It is really the dog days of summer here.  I keep my hair pulled up off my face and neck.  I don’t think it looks very nice but I can’t stand how hot I am with it down.

The last bit of prom pictures.

The last bit of prom pictures.

The first pic is Tim and Camila with Brad and I.  The next one is a close up of them that I really adore.  The first small slot is of the place where prom was held.  The next two small slot is them in front of the hotel before they went in.  The last small slot is in the hotel checking into prom.  The bottom left slot is a card with prom stickers all over.  The final slot is a PL  card that I wrote about the day on and added the tiara sticker.  Prom is over now but there is still a little more for week 16.  I will show you tomorrow.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 16 (part III)

  1. I’m glad that the kids had a great time. Everyone should go to prom! After all where are you going to slow dance-.. It;s neat to see what all is going on in your lives in SC. I agree this summer seems very humid and muggy, but I don’t like the cold.

  2. Proms are something you will always remember. Did Tim dance I wonder. Most guys his age don’t. Still I bet they had a fun time. Sure was a nice place to have one. Most of them in my day was in the auditorium. Some kids even go in limousines. Me, in some old beat up car. I did get the arm bouquet. Glad they had a great time. Like the cute stickers.

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