Project Life Week 16 (part II)


Another day in the life of the nutty Turner family.  More prom pictures today.  They have to be good – the couple is as beautiful one!

More prom pictures - and they are so cute!

More prom pictures – and they are so cute!

These are all pictures of Tim and Camila.  First he is putting the corsage on her wrist.  Then they are on the deck of her parent’s house.  Finally they are down their street in a nice setting.  I don’t know if you can tell but Tim had a pinkish right eye.  It was bothering him all day.  The night before he was skateboarding with his friends and got something in it.  We worked all day trying to get the pink out.  It did help but not completely.  It was fine the next day.

The only thing besides pictures was one PL card that I wrote in cursive Tim -n- Camila and added cute prom stickers.  Love this page.

More tomorrow.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 16 (part II)

  1. I love that peach color dress,it looks good with Camila’s skin color. A beautiful couple. That looks like a nice landscaped area for pictures-Good job!

  2. A cute couple going to the prom. I only went to one. It was in the ninth grade. My dress was white with little red roses. Boyfriend was cute. Name was Doug. Later he gave me a toy kitten. Looked so real. Fur and all. Don’t know what happened to it. Fun to think about sometimes. The kids look so nice and sweet. Like the dress and Tim’s vest. Little stickers are just right to make their page look special. I’m thinking this will always be a special time in their lives. Glad they could enjoy it.

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