Project Life Week 16

Hi friends,

I have a fun week ahead.  My friends are coming to visit and then on Friday we are leaving for DC.  Christian March on the Mall of Washington.  SO AWESOME!

More exciting news – I am onto week 16 of PL.  It is a few pages long but not near as long as the Disney week.

First page of week 16 of Project Life.

First page of week 16 of Project Life.

The first picture is the back of my head.  I had it done before we left for Greensboro to take Tim to prom.  Had to wash that gray out.  I replaced it with a lot of colors – red, blonde and PURPLE.  I really love it and think it is fun.  I Put it on a PL journaling card and journaled below the picture.  The top right picture is Ben and Abby eating out.  They are really having a good time.

The first small slot is a PL card with stars on it.  I added a gold clear disc with the number 16 on it and wrote the word week in gold.  I added a few more gold stars.  The second small slot is a PL card that I wrote about what was going on in some of the pictures.

The bottom left picture is my poor nephew Jep who broke his leg.  He looks so miserable.  He is such a sweet boy!  The bottom right picture is the start of the prom pictures.  Tim is putting the wrist corsage on Camila.  They look SO nice!

The third small slot is a PL card that says “ADORBS”.  It is so cute and pointing right at the prom couple.  The last small slot is a plain PL card that I added stickers to.

More prom on the next page(s).

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 16

  1. You are really styling in your new hair color. Brave girl. Sounds like good times ahead. Hope you will be safe in DC. There’s so much going on right now with the riots and things. So sad. Sorry little Jep broke his leg. It’s hard to have fun playing when you can’t get around so well. Hope he mends perfectly. Ben and Abby seem so close. I’m thinking she has daddy wrapped around her finger. Matthew too. Glad they are enjoying their time together. Yes Tim and Camila are Adorbs. Oh to be young and in love again.

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