Project Life Week 15 (part 11)


This is finally the last part of week 15.  I am so glad it is over with.  Next week is long, too but it won’t be this long.  Crazy!

Beach time with the grandkids (and Diego).

Beach time with the grandkids (and Diego).

We had never taken Diego to the beach so we decided to give it a whirl.  He hated it.  It was really windy so we hoped that was the reason.  We tried it again another day (it wasn’t windy) and he still hated it.  🙁  We have a picture of him in the first slot.  The second large slot is Matthew playing in the sand.  It was so windy that we stayed behind a dune for the most part.  The bottom left picture is Abigail playing in the sand.  The first three small slots are a progression of Abigail running towards the ocean with the beach towel acting like a superhero cape.  It was flying in the wind.  She thought it was so funny.  The last small slot is a PL card with a chipboard sticker that says “Ocean”.  I then put other stickers of shells, a starfish, and a sand castle.  Finally, the last large slot is of Abigail at the playground.  There was a playground right off the beach and we had to play for a few minutes before we left.

Another fun day!

God bless!



2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 15 (part 11)

  1. Diego wasn’t going for that unfamiliar territory! He prefers taking his nap! Abigail seems to have creative. spunky side. Enjoying life moments,where Matthew wants to just relax and play. The flow of this page seems to have a good flow. Glad it was fun at the beach.

  2. Your family is becoming some beach peoples.(Sounds better than beach bums.) hee hee Loving the sun and sand and water. Little Diego may be afraid of the sound of the ocean or sand getting in his eyes. He’s just an old homebody. The look on his face tells exactly what he thinks of the beach. ha Seems the smallest things give little kids a treat. To be a super hero for just a small time is so thrilling. Kids can spot those play grounds a mile away. Always fun to try out new ones. Cute stickers with all the little sea creatures on it. Sea to shining sea.

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