Project Life Week 52 (Part VI)


This is getting crazy, right?  I knew it was going to be this way.  There are so many pics that didn’t get into the PL album, too.

Finishing up Christmas and then our picnic on the beach.

Finishing up Christmas and then our picnic on the beach.

After presents were open, Ben and Brad put together the kids’ bikes.  They rode for quite awhile.  Matthew’s is a balancing bike.  No pedals or training wheels.  It is supposed to teach kids how to ride a bike without the the need of training wheels.  He loves it.  On the second row I attached a bicycle tag to a PL card.  The second small slot is me out watching the kids.  I really don’t care for this picture of me besides the fact that it reminds me a lot of my mom.  The third small slot has two pics pared down and attached to a PL card.  The last small slot is a snowman picture (don’t see snowmen where we live now) on a PL card.

The bottom row consists of Brad and I picnicking on the beach.  I got a picnic basket when I was with my friend, Debbie, in CA over spring break last year.  We got matching picnic baskets.  When we visit each other we are going to picnic.  Also, when we go on picnics we will think of each other.  We both had always wanted a nice one.  Well, I had never used mine.  The day before Brad had to go back to work was a very nice temperature (a little cloudy).  We packed a very quick picnic and hit the beach.  The first large slot is a picture of me holding a plate (Debbie sent me these awesome plates for my birthday).  I trimmed it down and attached it to a PL card.  On the right side of the card I put a picture of the picnic basket that I had trimmed down.  I also put the perfect border sticker as a divider on the card.  It says “Yum! Yum! Yum!”.  I also journaled on the card.  I got a lot of use out of that slot.  The last large slot also has two pics in it.  The first are Brad’s toes in the sand.  The second is a LARGE snake that we saw while walking up to the beach.  I hadn’t seen one by the beach before.  Creeped me out a bit.  Some people think it is a coral snake.  Others a corn snake.  I hope it is a corn snake because they are not poisonous.

More tomorrow!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 52 (Part VI)

  1. Looks like the kids are really enjoying the bikes. That is neat you guys can go to the beach for a picnic. We had a picnic at the grand canyon,that I threw together. It was fun and unexpected. That is wierd to see a snake on the beach..

  2. Lots going on this time. Glad the kids love their bikes. I remember my first one. It was blue and white. I had it until I got married. I think my mom gave it away. Since you don’t have snow I guess a sticker snowman has to do for now. It’s nice you enjoyed your picnic basket. They always remind me of Little Red Riding Hood for some reason. In the movies they always look so good with the pies and chicken. Some have cheese and wine. ha I recognize my son’s feet. Looks the same as when he was a little guy. Except now he complains they hurt a lot. Mine do too. The snake may be a baby sea serpent. No!! You do resemble your mom some. Same color hair and fair skin. I am starting to look like my mom too. They tell husbands to look at their mother-in-law and that’s what your wife will look like someday. So true. Poor Cindy, Jennifer, and KIm. ha Anyway, the finish line is drawing near.

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