Project Life Week 51 – Part I

Hi friends,

Another day of scrapping the PL way.  I am looking forward to getting caught up so I can go back to a bit of “regular” scrapping.

Part I of PL week 51.

Part I of PL week 51.

This is sweet Abby’s winter concert night.  The first slot is from the front of the concert program.  The second slot is Abby and me before we left for the concert.  I had to get her ready because Amber had to work.  Amber met us there.  The first small slot is proud dad with the kids with the Christmas tree behind them.  The second small slot is part of the decoration from the program.  I cut it out and put it on a PL card.  I added some stickers.  The bottom sticker is a border sticker that I also added at the bottom of the pics in the bottom right slot.  The third and forth small slots are two pics that I cut in half and trimmed down.  I rounded the top corners.  I put the bottom half of the pics in the bottom large slot on a PL card.  I wanted the bottom of the pictures because I wanted Absey Doodles cute shoes that she wore to the concert to show.  You can’t really see them in the picture of the page but you can when looking at the album.  I wrote the week below the pics on the PL card before adding the border sticker.  The bottom left pic is Ben, Matthew, and Tim waiting for the concert to start (and for Amber to arrive).

This was a fun night and Abby looked so pretty!

See you after the weekend!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 51 – Part I

  1. ABBY sure is growing up. Those school programs are fun to watch. There is always a child who finds their family and waves instead of singing. The kids sure look like their dad. Glad you get to enjoy special things in their lives.

  2. Some of the cutest things is little kid concerts. They are so proud that family come to see them and they get to dress all up real pretty. Abby does look so cute in her little dress and oh those shoes. They are to die for. ha Grams is all dressed up too and also dad. Even Matthew is getting in on the festivities. Like the cute stickers to tell it’s a Christmas concert. I’m surprised you caught the two little ones hugging. Not the norm for siblings. Very sweet and I know you are glad you captured some of it. Something fun to look back on someday.

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