Project Life Week 47 (Part II)

Hi friends,

This is the last part of week 47.  It was just a fun night out with my daughter-in-law and two of my grandkids.

Second part of week 47 - Disney on Ice.

Second part of week 47 – Disney on Ice.

This was a VERY fun night.  I love to watch ice skating and these skaters were awesome!  The first slot had our tickets put on a PL card.  I trimmed down two pics and added them at the bottom.  I wanted to put as many pics as possible on this layout because I had a lot.

All of the small slots had pics that I trimmed down.  The 3rd small slot had two different trimmed down pics.  I put them on a PL card.  I also added a couple of snowflake stickers.

The top right pic is of the kids in their Disney outfits getting ready to leave and celebrate.

The bottom left pic is part of a picture that I put on a PL card.  I wanted all of the characters in it so I continued it into the small slot (the 3rd small slot that I wrote about above).  I added snowflakes to this slot, too.

The last large pic (bottom right slot) are a lot of the princesses.

We had such a great night.  We try go somewhere special like this once or twice a year.  We don’t know how long that we will be in the situation to do things like this.  Last spring we went to Mickey’s Magic.

Well, week 47 is documented.

On to week 48!

God bless!


One thought on “Project Life Week 47 (Part II)

  1. No better place to take kids to than something Disney. With new little outfits it makes it exciting for them. I know they had a great time. Especially all the princess. I’m sure there was something for Matthew too. For the grownups also. Disney always makes us smile and feel happy. A great time had by all. Snowflakes decorating the page is cute.

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