Project Life Week 36-part 1

Hi friends!

I am trotting right along.  Have 16 weeks left to go but trying to do them swiftly.  Don’t want to get the New Year off too far behind.

Week 36 - part 1.

Week 36 – part 1.

This is a two page layout because friends came to visit.  I wanted to put as many pics as possible on one page so I put week 36 on a pics unused space.  The top left pic is of my friends when we were eating out.  The top right pic is of Brad and Thor trying out CRAZY hot sauces that they brought Brad.  The first small pic is our friends with our granddaughter – she loves having their attention.  The 2nd small pic is of diego in his new sombrero.  The 3rd small pic is of our friends at the Wildlife Refuge.  The 4th small pic is of Brad trying to handle the hot sauce.  The bottom large slot on the left has two pics in it.  They are adhered to a large PL card.  They are of Brad and Thor posing with a manikin at GoodWill.  I was in the background acting like I didn’t know them.  The final slot is a PL card documenting what was going on in the pics.

Part two soon two follow.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 36-part 1

  1. Such a good time you had with your friends. Love the picture of Brad and his hot sauce. He’s a trooper alright. Always willing to try new things. That little Diego is the cutest, sweetest, little dog in the whole world. Love his Mexican hat. He is “mucho grande.” I’m sure the kids loved getting all the attention they can get. I know I sure did as a kid. When that was, I forgot??? Anyway, glad the Christmas times was fun. I still have great memories of the Wild Life Refuge.

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