Project Life Week 35


It is a busy time of the year.  Doing things in reverse now.  Taking down the decorations.  Trying to get the house in order with all the new gifts the family has unwrapped.  Watching little ones that are off from school for another week….

Complete week 35 layout.

Complete week 35 layout.

This is another layout that has pictures sent to me from others.  The Week 35 card is a PL card with really cute alpha stickers.  The top small slot is a picture of sunflowers that my KS bud sent to me.  I love sunflowers!  The top right photo is another one of my sweet nephew, Jep.  They change so much at this age.  I used a PL card that I wrote about the sunflower pic and put Jep’s name on with an arrow in the second small slot.  The bottom left slot has a picture of my nieces (Jep’s sisters) wearing sister shirts and cowgirl boots.  The picture was trimmed and put on a PL card.  The 3rd small slot has a cutsie flower PL card.  The bottom small slot has a PL journaling card that I wrote about the two bottom pictures on.  I used alpha stickers to write out “sisters” and “Lily”.  The bottom right picture is out of order (not sure of the exact date) but I wanted to use it.  It is my sweet granddaughter, Lily, and her cat Louie.

Hope you are getting everything accomplished that you planned during this holiday!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 35

  1. Neat that you incorporated some pics from others. I’m not sure my life would be exciting enough each week to have pics. The PL is a neat idea to review the year.

  2. That cute Jep is really growing. A Kansas kid for sure. Every time I see sunflowers I do think of you. Is this a ploy of yours so you won’t be forgotten. (Just like me with my cardinals.) Pretty tricky. Lily is getting cuter everyday also. Love her eyes. Do I see her wearing a sombrero? Sure is one sweet princess. Her and Diego need to get together. So the year is close to ending and now a great big wonderful new year to begin.

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