Project Life Week 34

Hi friends,

Don’t think I will finish this up before the end of the year but trying to get as far as possible.

Complete Layout

Complete Layout

This is kind of an in between week.  Not a lot going on in the Turner household but still managed a few snapshots (a couple sent from my sis-in-law).  The top picture is what I see when I go wake up Tim for school.  (Tim cuddling with Diego).  The top right picture is a crazy spider that we almost ran into.  The bottom left is a picture of my nephew Jep wearing a Cardinals jacket.  He is holding a baseball bat rattle that we sent down.  I put a cardinal brad on the PL journaling card.  Finally, my favorite picture, a Kaylee (my sweet niece) selfie.  Jill found it on her phone.  I used PL cards down the center strip for journaling and for being cute.

That’s all folks.  Kind of strange to have such a small layout but it is kind of nice, too.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 34

  1. Wow! am I ever behind. You’ve been busy over the Christmas season. I had been going since Thanksgiving. Now to rest. I love Christmas but so tiring sometimes. We have over twenty something people to think about. Quite a chore. Anyway, now for some “me” time. Looks as if Tim is not the easiest person to wake in the morning. I’m sure you have to try a couple times before the deed is done. You and Brads walks are turning into a regular zoo. Diego, Snakes, and Spiders Oh! My! Little Jep is sure growing up fast. He’ll be walking soon. Love the cute baseball rattle. Those selfies taken by little kids are priceless. You had a pretty nice week. Like how you separated the story with the PL cards.

  2. Love the selfie pic, almost looks like she was caught unexpected, like she’s,saying WHAT! Does any teenager ever want to wake up. Jep is growing up fast! Your doing good with PL.

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