Project Life Week 32

Hello Jolly People!

I am so excited to be able to post more PL layouts.  I am so behind and each one feels like a victory.  I really wanted to get caught up before the end of the year but it probably isn’t going to happen.  But….I am getting closer.  I also have a new PL album bought and ready for next year.  🙂

Complete PL 32 layout.

Complete PL 32 layout.

A strange layout.  The first picture is Absey at the bench outside her school after enrolling.  The first small pic is a really GROSS picture of my eye.  I woke up to this right before returning from KS.  I took a picture to show Brad and to document it in case it happened again.  The second small slot is my week 32 PL journaling card.  I wrote about all the pictures changing ink color for each picture.  The first horizontal picture is a picture of a bathroom door on the way home from KS.  Thought it was funny.  The bottom two pics are of the kids at their favorite park right before school started.  It is a beautiful park with a lot of equipment (new and old).

Kept this short and sweet (except the eye).

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 32

  1. Your eye looks painful, Hope it didn’t stay like that to long, Probably got some of that Ks dust / allergies while you was visiting. I hope the kids enjoy theirselves when you take them to the park. Looks like a fun place to play. Keep working hard on PL.

  2. Yipes, I didn’t realize your eye was so bad. Wonder what happened. Sure looks sore. Love the Wonder Woman bathroom door. Jason loved Wonder Woman. He said he wanted her for Christmas. ha The park looks fun to go to. Love the big trees there. I think you are going to make the deadline for your album. Hang in there.

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