Project Life Week 31 (Part 2)


Wrapping up week 31.  Only 21 more weeks of PL for the year.  EGADS!

Part 2 of PL week 31.

Part 2 of PL week 31.

In the top left small slot I put a PL card that I journaled on.  I told about the different pictures.  I used arrows and different colored ink to make it easier to see what I was talking about.  In the second small slot I used part of the front page of a program from a play that Terri,  Jaynean, and I went to.  The top, large, vertical picture is of us “girls” getting ready to go into the play.  We asked someone to take our picture together.  We do this quite a bit when we are together and people are usually very nice.  The bottom vertical picture is of Lily and I while we were in a shoe store.  She ended up with a pair of light up shoes.  🙂  We took an “us”ie.  I  wrote about it on part of a PL card.  I trimmed the card down and rounded the corners and attached it to the bottom of the picture.  I also attached a cork sticker to the bottom of the PL card that says, “sweet thing”.  The top horizontal picture is of Sami and I (barely in the picture) and Joe, Spencer, Presleigh, and Ethan getting ready to start a game of miniature golf.  The bottom horizontal picture is of a girls craft, talk, and snack night.  SO MUCH FUN!

Well, this week is complete.  Now to rush through 21 more so I can be ready for 2016.  Yiikes!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 31 (Part 2)

  1. That play was pretty good!! I also enjoyed the girls night.Glad you got to come visit. can’t remember the last time I played miniature golf, probably in my twenties. You are good about doing alot when you visit.. Keep working hard on PL.

  2. You really did get a lot done on your mini vacation. Glad you got to see all the family and to spend some time with each one. I can just see Lily prancing around in her light up shoes. Heck, I wanted some. ha You always make your visits fun. I know your friends are happy when you come home. The play looks like it’s a good one. You crammed a lot in such a short time. Some fun times together.

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