Project Life Week 31 (Part 1)

Hi friends,

It is the most wonderful time of the year (did any of you sing that?).  I just mailed my last package today.  Now to wrap all the gifts for the home front.  I only have a couple of odd and ends to buy.  This year is a little easier than normal.  Maybe this will be my new normal…..

Part one of PL week 31.

Part one of PL week 31.

This page is all about a day that I spent in KS with my nephew Joe and his family (top left picture is Joe and his son) and my son Jake and his family.  We went to All Star Sports.  The picture in the top left slot is put on a PL card.  I wrote who is in the picture on the bottom part of the PL card.  I journaled on the picture (empty space) with a Slick Writer pen.  *I recently bought more Slick Writers because they are so handy with PL.  I write on a lot of pictures these days.  I got a few more colors and replaced a few of the ones that were starting to give me trouble.*  I also added a cute amusement park sticker on top of the picture.

The top small slot is a PL card that I put alpha and number stickers on to show that it is week 31.  The remaining small slots are filled with my grandkids going down the large slide.  In the top picture is Jake helping Lily getting ready to go down.  I really like the middle slide picture.  Ethan is “looking cool”.

The large picture on the top right has Jake, Annie, Lily, Sami, Presleigh, and Ethan.  There are also cousins from Annie’s side of the family where I don’t know their names.  I need to do better but my mind can only hold so much information.  They are all on a ride (small roller coaster).  The picture is on a PL card.  I journaled above the picture and added a few more “amusement park” stickers.  I have had these stickers for years and am thrilled to be using them.

The bottom left large slot has a picture of Spencer.  He is gripping the stroller with his toes.  I thought that was funny and had to capture it.  I put a cardstock tag across the top of the picture.  It says “Discover Fun”.  I trimmed off all of the edges that hung over the photo.  I think it turned out VERY cute!

Finally, the bottom right photo has a picture of Jake and Ethan riding in the bumper boats.  What you can’t see is Lily with Annie in another bumper boat.  Lily was trying to escape into the water.  It was a little stressful.  Now I can chuckle.  Then I was trying to figure out how to help.

Over all we had a wonderful day!  I really enjoyed reliving it.  Have a ton more pictures that didn’t make the PL cut.

Hope everything is Holly Jolly in your life right now!

God bless!


2 thoughts on “Project Life Week 31 (Part 1)

  1. Who says there is nothing to do in Kansas! Looks like the family all had wonderful time. It is neat when you get to find a place for those stickers–we would use when we buy them.We plan ahead for those adventures we want to have! I glad you have had time to work on your PL,I enjoy reading about your families fun times.

  2. Spending time with Joe is special. He is so proud of his son. Jep is a dandy. There’s nothing like a good toe grip to show you’re the man. All the kids seem to be having a great time. Like all the stickers to brighten up the page. It’s nice some of Annie’s family got in on the fun. The more the merrier I say. Good times had by all.

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