Project Life Week 30

Hey friends!

Week 30 is on one page.  That is really how I wanted all of 2015 to be but there are some weeks that has so much fun happening.

Complete layout of PL week 30.

Complete layout of PL week 30.

The first picture is of Tim at camp with the owner of Spitfire (skateboarding company).  Tim was really excited to meet him.  The top small slot has a PL journaling card.  I adhered Tim’s bracelet (that he had to wear at camp all week) to the top of the card.  I then journaled about both top pictures (changing color of writing when journaling about the different pictures).  The right hand top picture is Tim and his friend Laura.  They have known each other all of their lives.  It takes a little while for them to warm up (because they see each other so infrequently now) but then they have a lot of fun.  In this picture they are hanging out and being silly.  I trimmed the picture down and adhered it to a lime green PL card.  I put a 3-d sticker that says “vacation” across the top.  I then put two smiley face sun stickers on the bottom.  I journaled a little on the bottom of the PL card, too.  The second small card is the week 30 card.  I used a small PL card and alpha stickers.

On the bottom row is a picture of Tim riding in a vehicle with his sister and cousin.  On the 3rd small card (a PL journaling card) I put a sticker that says “fly”.  I wrote on the card how we flew back to KS and Tim went to visit his family in IA.  The right large picture is Tim on a boat with RED hair.  He and his cousin decided to dye his hair.  He asked if he could use Kool Aid.  I said yes because it wouldn’t last long.  Well, that didn’t show up so they went and got actual dye.  It did show up.  🙁  On the bottom small journaling card I wrote about how Tim goes boating almost every summer that he visits in IA.  I also wrote about the RED hair.  I put a sticker of a sunscreen bottle.

Well, that is all for week 30.

Hope you are having a Holly Jolly season!

God bless!


3 thoughts on “Project Life Week 30

  1. Looks like Tim had a great summer break, He’s a little jet setter. I’m not sure Red is his color! But I ‘ve had a kid with hair that was red,blue, purple. and orange.if that;s the only crazy things they do I think we raised them good. It will be fun for him to look back at those pics and ask himself “Why or Cool”.

  2. Teenagers, what do you do? You just grin and bear it. Tim really didn’t look too bad in his new hair color. He sure had one fun summer vacation. Skate boarding, visiting family, doing exciting things and mostly having fun. Nice it was a great time. Tim did fly as your sticker says. In more ways than one. On a plane and a skateboard. The sun stickers are sweet and like all the journal stories. A great summer for all.

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