1st Part of PL Week 28


We all survived Thanksgiving cooking (everyone but the turkey) and eating.  Saw some of the parade.  Sure hope I get to experience it in person again.

1st part of PL week 28.

1st part of PL week 28.

This took place mid-July.  We left SC to go to KS (and many other places).  We stayed the night at family’s house in Atlanta area and then got on our way.  We decided to do something fun on the way after several hours of driving.  We went to Ruby Falls cave.  Ethan had never been to a cave before so we had to show him some more awesome things that God has made us.  All of the pictures are of the cave entrance or in the cave.  Some are pretty dark.  In two of the pictures I put the Ruby Falls tickets.  Really nice ephemera.  In the 3rd small slot I used a PL journaling card and put family fun sticker and a car sticker.  I then journaled about what we were doing.  The last small slot had a PL card where I wrote “Week 28” and put part of a boarder sticker below.

This is just part one of week 28.  These next few weeks were pretty busy because we were traveling.  This is what Tim and I have done every year since we moved from KS (travel 2-3 weeks {sometimes more} in the summer to visit family and friends).

Don’t go too crazy on BLACK FRIDAY.

God bless!


2 thoughts on “1st Part of PL Week 28

  1. That looks like a neat cave! I went to fantastic caverns in Missouri when I was young. That is something the rest of my family will have to do sometime.

  2. I remember the Thanksgiving Day parade in New York you went to. There are so many fun things to look at and see. Watching the parade on TV—not so fun. Glad you and Ethan get to spend some time together in the summer. A cave to a little boy must really be exciting. Like how you used the tickets and all the stickers. A car and the road and the fork in the road. Never know where that will lead. Anyway, a fond time to think about someday and maybe Ethan to tell his kids about.

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